Able Photo Resizer :: Testimonials

Anna Maria De Matteis

1) What do you use Able Photo Resizer for? How does it help you?

I have a real estate agency and I have to load a lot of Photos on a lot of Web-Sides. I always take pictures of the properties I'm selling, that are too heavy. Able Photo Resizer is very quick and make possible to choose very simple the number of pixel, that the Web-Side requires.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

I'm really nota reallyvery techonological woman. This also the reason why I love this program, than it is very easy to use. So I'm not able to imagine the future of this program. I think, it is already in the future!

3) Where did you first hear/read about Able Photo Resizer?

I was just looking for a good program to resize Photos. I also tried other programs, but no one is useful as this.

Gary Lehman

I frequently post pix to facebook and with my high resolution high megapixel DSLR, the images are too big so I use Able Photo Resizer to cut them down to size for easier uploading and transmittal to friends.

The program just works, and works well, and is intuitive, and provides exactly the function I want, and it does not corrupt colors or introduce any distortions.

I originally found out about it either by trolling the internet or reading about it in one of my photography magazines, or perhaps in one of my computer magazines. The RESIZER from Microsoft I also use but it is too limited in function for me and so cant be my only utility. I use this utility a lot more for downsizing files.

I really cant think of any added functions to add. It does what I want it to do and it does it very well.

Thanks for a great product which is an important part of my workflow for social media and friends/family socializing !

Iris Bland

    I downloaded the 30 day trial and found I could resize my photos in minutes in bulk instead of doing them one at a time. This saves me hours of sitting at the PC.
    The best thing about the programme is the speed in which it resizes the pictures so they are small enough to email and also they do not take up so much space on the hard drive.
    I looked on a Google search for a programme to resize multiple images. Read about a few and downloaded yours. I hade not been using it for half an hour when I thought "I have to have this programme: so I proceeded to buy it there and then.
    For myself I see no need for any improvements as it works brilliantly for me.

Chris Wood

Thank you for a great program, save me hours batching photos for our site, worth every penny, would recommend the programme to any body that has large amounts of images to resize, the speed is incredible and the quality of images is fantastic.
Great Product, Great Service, Great Price.

Jennifer Hanson

I purchased Able Photo Resizer to resize photos for my web-site and to make them smaller so I could email them with ease. I tried many demos and this was the first that worked. After using for a few weeks, I purchased it. Thank you.


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